I've played sports and been an avid exerciser since my childhood, and during the past 5+ years, my body has really started to feel the wear and tear of my lifestyle. I have played through joint pain in basketball, running, and weight lifting, seeing my general practitioner and physical therapists to help moderate the pain when I was training for races. I never was healed, though, and never truly relieved of pain.


I started treatment at Lake Washington Integrative Medicine a little over four years ago. I suffered through a very difficult pregnancy, and that my child was born full-term and healthy was due in large part to his help and treatment. I remember at one point I had run out of the Chinese herbal blend they had put me on. Jason dropped by the Bastyr dispensary to pick up a refill, then drove to Kirkland to give it to me. If that's not commitment to patient health, I don't know what is. Since then, they've helped me with intestinal and kidney issues. Their care is a huge reason that I have as good of quality of life as I do. I hear from friends that they've tried acupuncture, but it's been painful, ineffective, etc. I was very skeptical of the efficacy of acupuncture and Chinese medicine at first, but in their capable hands, it really works. They are talented and caring, and I can't recommend them enough.


Jason's approach and working style is calming, comforting, and healing. I see him as needed for care ranging from sinus/migraine issues and also stress relief. He is my go-to for prompt treatment, and has a genuine care and concern for my overall health. I'm fortunate to be one of his patients and am happy to both share and recommend him to others who will benefit from his quality care.


I struggled with anxiety, sleeplessness and IBS for almost 15 years. I tried every conceivable therapy for the IBS, it eventually governed my life. It was during a particularly bad phase that I was referred to Lake Washington Integrative Medicine, I didn't have high hopes for anything new working.

Suffice it to say that within a short time I began to see steady improvement and am now to the point that I rarely have IBS symptoms and nearly always sleep through the night. I've never had acupuncture with another practitioner so I cannot speak of what the average patient feels somewhere else but I never feel anything. They do not overlap patients so you have their full attention while you're there. They really listen closely and pick up cues your body gives them during every treatment, it's like Jason is a mind-reader. The result is completely individualized, very effective treatment.


As far as the location, Jason started this practice from scratch and has gradually been making progress on what is now a very nice facility. Bear, the resident super-chill therapy dog is happy to greet patients and even stay with them during treatment.

If you're looking for a new practitioner or are an acupuncture newbie, save yourself some trouble and time and go to Lake Washington Integrative Medicine.


 I am so thankful to have found Danielle! She is an extra special person and acupuncturist. She brings so much genuine care and intention to her practice, creating a magical experience that is both healing and luxurious. Through my first pregnancy, she has greatly helped with my digestion, seasonal allergies, body aches and twinges, and anything else that seems to come up.  My body responds quickly to her methods and I can see progress week by week. Because Danielle trusts my body's intuition, I feel that we are working together in the treatment process. This an empowering approach because it supports my body's wisdom and ability to heal and thrive. The cherry on the top is that Danielle is both funny and kind. I highly recommend Danielle to anyone, especially people who are looking for a holistic and mindful approach to their health care and well being.