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As a physical therapist who treats a wide variety of people with sports medicine-related injuries, Kate is who I most trust for acupuncture treatment due to her vast well of knowledge and professionalism. She is very intuitive with her evaluation and an active listener, changing or adjusting the treatment as an injury evolves and recovers. Whether dealing with an acute flare-up or a more recalcitrant injury, Kate can progress patients through even very challenging situations. - Mandie Majerus Lake Washington Physical Therapy

Skiing Downhill

After tearing my rotator cuff in a skiing fall I was desperate to get back to my normal mobility so I could resume tennis, weight lifting, etc. I went to several sessions with Kate, in addition to PT and massage therapy, and am happy to report I’m back in action! Kate was able to pin point the exact areas that were tender and helped induce healing from within. After each session I had better mobility and less pain. The best part of acupuncture is the nap that accompanies the treatment….every time! Kate said that meant my body was doing what it was supposed to. - Trish M.

Female Swimmers

I sought acupuncture as treatment for overworked muscles (I’m a Master’s level swimmer) and overall stress, and Kate has been magical. Her awareness of anatomy and physiology, along with being a keen listener, really informs her practice. Every visit, aside from the treatment itself, I feel cared for. And I swear, every time I leave, I feel at least an inch taller! Visits with Kate provide a moment to stop and practice self-care in the midst of busy days. -Alison H.

Kate Chilson is the absolute best! I was introduced to her as a service provider 7 years ago and she has been working on my body consistently since then. I call her the body mechanic! I have been able to overcome residual effects from a concussion and herniated disk. I use my body a lot for the work I do, Kate has made my days seamless. I am able to do what I do because of her treatments on my body. Acupuncture with Kate has been a true life saver!! I have gained a tremendous amount of mindfulness, I feel so centered when I leave a treatment. Thank you Kate for all you do in healing others! -Blair W.

I've played sports and been an avid exerciser since my childhood, and during the past 5+ years, my body has really started to feel the wear and tear of my lifestyle. I have played through joint pain in basketball, running, and weight lifting, seeing my general practitioner and physical therapists to help moderate the pain when I was training for races. I never was healed, though, and never truly relieved of pain.

Newborn Baby

Our Patient's Stories Are Important To Us.

I started treatment at Lake Washington Integrative Medicine a little over four years ago. I suffered through a very difficult pregnancy, and that my child was born full-term and healthy was due in large part to his help and treatment. I remember at one point I had run out of the Chinese herbal blend they had put me on. Jason dropped by the Bastyr dispensary to pick up a refill, then drove to Kirkland to give it to me. If that's not commitment to patient health, I don't know what is. Since then, they've helped me with intestinal and kidney issues. Their care is a huge reason that I have as good of quality of life as I do. I hear from friends that they've tried acupuncture, but it's been painful, ineffective, etc. I was very skeptical of the efficacy of acupuncture and Chinese medicine at first, but in their capable hands, it really works. They are talented and caring, and I can't recommend them enough.


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